seraphic flow

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pour yourself
in me
till I am brimming
with you

flood in
a little more
till I overflow
with what a lifetime
can’t contain

as you slowly
trickle down my being
keep flowing in
till all I can feel
is you

when less
has been spoken
more has been heard,
take two steps closer
and revive me
with your touch

without a sound
awaken me
with your whisper
and remind me
what I have forgotten
remind me of you

with a paint brush then
consume me
in your painting
till I am one
with your colours
guiding me
with brushstrokes
take me home

into mine

overwhelm me

art by Pery Burge : http://www.chronoscapes.com h



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the nights
flow in
washing over
like waves

a mystery
silently awaiting
to be told
of seized moments
forgotten silhouettes
and all that
a heart can hold

flood my veins
with nostalgia
of notes
that play within

time halts
when I hear you call
we meet
to fathom
who we are

a delicate touch
a soft whisper
in synch
two drops
of spilled ink


ivory reverence

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let it diffuse
slowly, your wondrous
love-creased scent
perfuming your steps
as you come unbridled
like light flooding a dark room,
waves awashing the shore

let it taint
deeply, your lunatic
care-free innocence
ushering your touch
as you enwrap me
carrying me afloat,
even in free falling