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the nights
flow in
washing over
like waves

a mystery
silently awaiting
to be told
of seized moments
forgotten silhouettes
and all that
a heart can hold

flood my veins
with nostalgia
of notes
that play within

time halts
when I hear you call
we meet
to fathom
who we are

a delicate touch
a soft whisper
in synch
two drops
of spilled ink



te amo

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nostalgic tune,
love sublime
certain madness,
moments without time

fluttering spirit,
trembling zeal
piercing glance,
igniting a flame within

soft skin,
gentle strokes
warmth of touch,
swaying souls

in turning of tide
flood of sweet sensations,
trickling nearby

heavenly bosom,
angel eyes
enticing madness,
under the midnight sky

a night
to remember

a dance
with a stranger


rubescent nostalgia

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which dark waters am I treading,
with this hallowed crimson heart?
following the whispers in the scattered wind,
uttering prayer from my quivering lips

how will I speak of this enchanting tale,
whose splendour lies hidden in its roots?
of love unspoken, songs unheard and melody untouched

planting these silent kisses,
you play with my mind;
with your endearing invisible touch,
you comfort my most aching parts

your burning memory ignites a flame within,
and flowers begin to grow
from this forever bleeding wound