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the nights
flow in
washing over
like waves

a mystery
silently awaiting
to be told
of seized moments
forgotten silhouettes
and all that
a heart can hold

flood my veins
with nostalgia
of notes
that play within

time halts
when I hear you call
we meet
to fathom
who we are

a delicate touch
a soft whisper
in synch
two drops
of spilled ink


deeper tranquil

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feel life pulsating
through your veins
feel it from the inside
in your fingertips, in your toes
let your skin breath
let the sun warm your soul

walking the long road
you tumbled over and fell
tired, and weary at times
you sought answers
no one could ever tell

but look where you are
look how far you have come
your eyes, your skin, your face
they all have countless stories to tell
of wars you fought
with people
with your self

faces, forms
they all will fade away
for they were never there to stay
gaze inwards
where the answers lie
live deeper in love
beyond the perception
of your eyes

in your unrestrained soul
are the moments of sheer enormity
of a value beyond words
take a dip in that ocean
there’s nothing, no nothing of the world
that could quench that thirst

even in moments of despair
there is a deeper tranquil
find a way to it
and it will stay
feel your precious life
pulsating through the veins
I’ll say these words
before my speech
in silence
is lost again


umbral chutzpah

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o love-creased redolence –
be my muse
inspire me
seep into my veins
then settle in my bones
feed this restless wanting
u n f o l d me
with your fingertips
become a part of me
a shadow
that never leaves
in thoughts
that I conceive
in your dark madness