flashes of eternity

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on tuning into the mystical dimension with eyes closed, I always see her .. a lifelike image of her in a white dress .. nature’s wild child, freedom personified.  beneath the amber skies her arms wide open, body whirling in a graceful rhythm so innate that it is only natural you’d find her like that. surrounding her is the vastness of heavens, all bearing witness to what they call the dance of a soul that has just sprouted magical wings

sometimes I can feel her run along the ocean’s shoreline, barefeet .. wearing the same white dress and curls of her hair dancing with the wind on the periphery of my vision. at other times, she runs in front of me and I see her like a movie slowed down so I don’t miss out on even the tiniest of details .. the way her flowy dress flutters in the wind, the way waves crash at her feet and how the cool breeze brushes against her soft skin, blowing peace all over her .. around her. and she is ecstatic, oh very happy indeed .. as if that is where she always wanted to be, as if that is how she always wanted to be .. free. she turns her blissful face around sometimes, to glance back, to see if I’m still following her like a cherished dream. she often bursts into giggles and winks once in a while, confident about her ventures, nodding her head a little as if whispering “..this is just the beginning” willingly leading me onto the path paved by happiness into eternity

in that very moment, the time slows down .. probably because I have caused it to slow down for the peace it brings to my soul .. for the timelessness that I experience in that space and the warmth that melts me into that moment. I continue to follow her, hear her holy laughter and experience freedom I have rarely seen amongst those trapped in bodies. I want it to last this time .. just like countless other times over the years and a part of me always manages to escape to her amidst chaos and disorder that might have knocked my door in the external world

is she me? am I her? I find myself lost in that paradoxical question .. lost .. yet found