ivory reverence

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let it diffuse
slowly, your wondrous
love-creased scent
perfuming your steps
as you come unbridled
like light flooding a dark room,
waves awashing the shore

let it taint
deeply, your lunatic
care-free innocence
ushering your touch
as you enwrap me
carrying me afloat,
even in free falling



te amo

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nostalgic tune,
love sublime
certain madness,
moments without time

fluttering spirit,
trembling zeal
piercing glance,
igniting a flame within

soft skin,
gentle strokes
warmth of touch,
swaying souls

in turning of tide
flood of sweet sensations,
trickling nearby

heavenly bosom,
angel eyes
enticing madness,
under the midnight sky

a night
to remember

a dance
with a stranger