Month: May 2013

iridescent core

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drifting gently
from a secret dwelling place,
your pensive reflections
often permeate reality

your sacred, tender heart
from another time, another existence
is a sun beaming in the mirror
nothing but eternal light shining through


inspired from my dear friend Matthew

Light From Within


serene cadence

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she is gone
oh long gone
to that warm place –
where she receives
where she is needed

she waited,
for ages on end
in despair
in tears
but now she is gone

never to be left behind
never to return again


drizzling sentiments

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how it washes away,
cleansing everything
but splashes on me,
soaking my every inch
with your fond memories


delightful encounter

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wild and carefree
I accidentally trip
on scattered white sunshine


swept away

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my being
see how it aches
to feel your touch

your scent
how it lingers
to bring me back to you

your love
see how it flows
taking over –
all that is
all that ever has been

art by Craig Gourley