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there is nothing
more erotic
than a beautiful mind



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my entire being

raw light
from your eyes





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the deeper
I understand myself
the more tolerant
of others
I become



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Never far
always close
gently tugging
at my heart strings
you call.


chaotic stillness

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Life goes.. forward
or does it trace its way back
one encounter at a time
to where it all began

like a jigsaw
that you try to piece
your whole life
only to realize
it was already complete

in the name of ‘experience’
you stumble
diving face first
into your destiny
resisting, accepting, becoming
what you were meant to be

faces, forgotten faces
surfacing from abyss
at the time of need
others with time
sink to the bottom
in the deep

faces, traces, erase it
a hand once held
an embrace once felt
that left a taste of divinity

this fading world
sweeps past
so quickly
where is the affinity?

cradling fragments
embedded in the core
of true Reality
I persist
hearing the memory
of a quiet surrender
long before
I can remember.



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In rustling
of leaves
I hear you

in stillness
I feel

you persist
never too far
my breath
and heartbeat

hidden yet visible
you tease
often playing
hide and seek

come close
sit with me
be mine,
my perfect bliss



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I trace you
in quiet moments
of love and madness
in a language
beyond words
for thoughts collapse
when lips part
and a hidden speech flows
from your soul to mine

I beckon you
to dream
for within you, my love
the shine of a million diamonds
is waiting to gleam
the likes of what
death cannot touch
and life cannot flee

I treasure
your most aching parts
for even though
we have loved and lost
we still believe
in the sheer enormity
of our sacred beating hearts

I hold you
in tight embrace
for even as rain pours
your love soaks me
to my bones
without a warning
it often comes crashing
at the threshold
of my soul

I invite you
to come in and stay
for my universe expands
in encounters
like yours
where in just feeding
each others appetite
and caring, one finds oneself
cared for

so hold my hand
and lets chase cosmos
and the stars at play
as the Divine writes
our eternal fate
between me and you
beloved soul
love will always find a way


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I crave
your presence
filling my hours
with angelic innocence



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in my heart
you persist

in your light
I exist



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in your presence
look what have I become –
a lunatic fool
writing love letters
to existence



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excuse me
as I reclaim
my love sonnets
tangled in your soft lips



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moments melt
like memories
on our lips
as we lie together
sipping warm sunshine

divine transcendence

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my love
hold my hand and guide me
through blazing comets
streaking naked
across the midnight sky

seduced hearts
once intoxicated in Love
incessantly burn bright

take me in your arms
slowly disrobe my essence
between me and you
there is nothing left to hide

as our bodies know each other
feel our souls collide
let go of thoughts
and bathe with me
in pure shimmering Light

feed me
your hand plucked stars
from our cosmic paradise

in holy laughter
and fluttering kisses
watch our souls take flight

when guided by the Spirit
close your eyes
and feel us transcend as one
as we lie washed out
in the moonlight
you and I


eternal presence

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your scent
fills the air
I breathe

your maddening caress
imbues the thoughts
I concieve

we’re galaxies apart

yet you are the one
in each beat



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feathery dreams
carry me afloat
as I lie naked
softly draped
in you


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what truly matters
how you reveal your self
in quiet moments


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never distant
forever close
images of you
float in every love song



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your radiant face
a sight to behold

is it you I see
or my Beloved?


quiet letter

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unfettered tides
undress the soul
a sweet surrender

me in you
you in me
slow falling
a wordless wonder

your lips against mine
intoxicating aphrodisiac
shivers down my spine

life in letters
breaths in poetry
me and you
frozen in time


music by the Danish band Bliss