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Whisper to me, softly
the secret of cosmos
that I may hear.




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the nights
flow in
washing over
like waves

a mystery
silently awaiting
to be told
of seized moments
forgotten silhouettes
and all that
a heart can hold

flood my veins
with nostalgia
of notes
that play within

time halts
when I hear you call
we meet
to fathom
who we are

a delicate touch
a soft whisper
in synch
two drops
of spilled ink


Apologetic Rainbows

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Nostalgia of love and beauty in this pure poetry, another masterpiece from a beautiful soul. If you enjoyed this, I highly recommend checking his work at http://justbpoetry.wordpress.com 🙂

Just B Poetry

Gold As the sun
We Marched to the Moon.
Tasting the Cosmos.
We Listened to light. . .
Leonardo of Vinci
Hear the cosmos?
The sound of Butterflies in flight
Flagellumless Motion.
Energy is Neither destroyed Nor transferred, only created.
Feel me?
The Rushing waters of truth
Tainted is the clarity.
I Jumped off the edge of the universe
Where is B going?
We will dance with the stars
Apologetic Rainbows.
I propose we End from the start.
Ti panemayesh?
The birth of a Rock.
We touched the sun.                        2B

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fermented in tears
slowly made my soul fertile

now I run wild
through blossoming fields
alive in eternal spring


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don’t be afraid to show
what you know
what you hold inside

whats kept hidden
suffocates, slowly dies
or worse what you make visible
will be perceived as a lie

only the truth that is burning well
will help you survive
a deeper knowing, a fearless thought
a feeling that consumes alive

say what is on your mind
while you’re still full of life
let go, love, express, ignite
it is definitely worth a try

my love, don’t be shy
no breath comes out of a dead self
not even a sigh!