enamored sentience

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rooted in my existence
is your heartbeat
in my waking,
your dream
and walking upto you
a pilgrimage
into my own soul

the beauty of heaven
reveals in flashing moments
as I lie
weaving a garland
of your whispers

does it come as a surprise
to you then,
when I hold you in reverence
high above
in my heart?

my beloved,
I see who I am
when I am with you


image courtesy Alex Grey :


amethyst indulgence

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o wild impulsion –
passion explodes
from your fiery eyes
as you unleash upon me
your naked, raw gaze
that provoking murmur
soothes my parched senses
hiding, revealing
sauve succulent temptation
your signature ruby thoughts
quickly grasp and release
while nectar drips, stirring deeper
awakening my desire for you
when you behold me, charmed
undulating in your eyes


art by Vimal Chandran :


charmed surrender

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pours from your eyes
find me in the haze
helplessly intoxicated