sparkling mirror

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wandering with the eye of certainty
tasting sacredness and evolving into nothingness
I keep falling in love with everything I see


fluttering words

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words are the seeds
that fruit into thoughts,
into feelings at times

a tree doesn’t care much
if its seeds fall into the sea
or into fertile ground
or if either of them speaks the truth
when it is listening

its joy is in giving
and when the time is ripe
it spreads them with a smile
oh far and wide

but yes, sometimes
silences can do that too
in divine existence, between two souls
ah those perfectly timed silences
only free flow!

as a part of poetic dialogue and in response to – 

What’s the use of words
when words are-
a dead weight,
soulless creation
far from real,
close to fake!
Just a way
to spread your plague
you delusional thoughts,
what’s the use of seeing
when your mind is closed!

What’s the use of words
when people are deaf,
and everything you say
turns to dust
before reaching them,
it decays!
Just wasted breaths
wasted parts of life,
what’s the use of words
when what you say…
it’s not true at all!


untouched melody

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there is pain
that lies hidden away
the pain whose source is unknown,
where it originates, why it is there
an almost unbearable heaviness
as if a huge tragedy transpired before
perhaps in some other lifetime
as if memory of the experience
has faded away
but the agony, the pathos still remain
a sorrow I can drown myself in
a loss, a separation, a heartache
that consumes me at times
and stirs up the unknown,
the unanswered questions,
the endless pain
that flows so smoothly
when little things, their deeper perception
spoken words, their hidden silences
a knowing touches me so
it is often then
that a liberating realization,
a strange yet familiar feeling
breaks open the shell
that encloses my understanding
of the world around me
of the depths of my own soul

silver serendipity

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the moon chases the clouds playing peek-a-boo
truth dissolves in pain
a new trail emerges from nowhere