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we all die
many times, in myriad ways
before the physical death

in the dissolution of a dream
in the passing of a loved one
at the hands of a lover

yet with each spring
life is renewed
in the same place
it collapsed
from the source
that is Eternal

I hear
the leaves dance
in the autumn wind
as if
in a trance
gently reminding me
it is not death
that I should fear
but celebrate spring
that never fails
to keep its promise




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my entire being

raw light
from your eyes




season’s greetings :)

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My lovely readers,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being a part of this space 🙂 Appreciate each and every one of you. Writing and poetry has been a sacred experience for me and if you can resonate with even a single post here, I’m humbled and grateful. As I went for a walk this beautiful morning, a realization surfaced that I thought I’d share. Three things of value that can’t be compromised – the company of loved ones, taking time to feed the soul and enjoying simple pleasures of life.

May this holiday season bring you warmth, love and all that you’re looking for.

Love and Light always,

Himani B





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your departure –
a breath of winter
dawning over a transparent lake


artistic expression

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fluttering words

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words are the seeds
that fruit into thoughts,
into feelings at times

a tree doesn’t care much
if its seeds fall into the sea
or into fertile ground
or if either of them speaks the truth
when it is listening

its joy is in giving
and when the time is ripe
it spreads them with a smile
oh far and wide

but yes, sometimes
silences can do that too
in divine existence, between two souls
ah those perfectly timed silences
only free flow!

as a part of poetic dialogue and in response to – 

What’s the use of words
when words are-
a dead weight,
soulless creation
far from real,
close to fake!
Just a way
to spread your plague
you delusional thoughts,
what’s the use of seeing
when your mind is closed!

What’s the use of words
when people are deaf,
and everything you say
turns to dust
before reaching them,
it decays!
Just wasted breaths
wasted parts of life,
what’s the use of words
when what you say…
it’s not true at all!