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love and fear –
two driving forces behind everything we do

as you walk into each moment today
may all that you choose be out of pure, deep love..
for yourself, for everyone you encounter

may it allow you to expand
into infinitude
of all that is you
and of all that is possible

art by Cameron Gray

abstract_artwork_cameron_gray_wallpaper-hd_2560x1440_www-paperhi-com (1)


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if only
you could see
what I see in you

hear what
I cannot say

you are
what no words
can contain

like all that is sacred
treasured, in my heart
you remain

you are..
you are to me
more than a story
more than a memory



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stirring me awake
the taste of divinity
in flashes of eternity



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I relish
on the taste
of the infinite
I can’t tell apart
I end
you begin


infinite mystery

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you are here
yet you are nowhere

a feeling, a thought
between shadows and light
my wings and flight

you are a fathomless stirring
a beautiful confinement
in quiet murmuring

a tune that effortlessly sways
beyond an artist’s mood
or paradox of fate

you are the presence
that is aware
untamed in my tireless gaze


spiritual birth

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it is in moments
that one lives
lifetime is an illusion


photography by Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Snow


ephemeral cosmos

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beluga feelings
conscious frequencies
and amorous galaxies crash
into infinite ocean
of my dreams

where colours take flight
and every breath
becomes an opportunity
to transcend kaleidoscopic time

watch how
my universe expands
when weightless in wordlessness
I float, like a reflection
through my cosmic mind


thanks to Kushtrim for the inspiration, his poetry blog well worth checking out –