honey bee

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poetry at its best

opulent haven

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blossomed hopes
feathery dreams
free falling
upon my breath
when your love
fills my air

gentle explosions
of vibrant colours
dance softly
in a trance
as I savour your
honey drenched thoughts

where else
would you find me
than right next to you –
among swirling galaxies
of bubbling happiness
lazing away
in perfect bliss



untainted fancy

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exhausted tears,
enflamed lips
forbidden solace
in sweetheart’s fingertips

droplets of honey
sweetness, that is craved
music of the heart’s truth
played, in a thousand different ways

rich in happiness
poor in gold
a tickling lullaby surrounds,
lo and behold

hush! a secret is being whispered
in these fleeting instants
immortal soul, condemned for love
love bestowed, a story told

painting by Ewelina Ladzinska