throbbing garden

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you and me
a divine musk

as love
upon each verse

slithers away
distilling into memories

shall be a memoir –
a throbbing garden
bursting with colours
in full bloom


An absolute pleasure to collaborate once again with one of my most favourite photographer and artist Mariko Evans whose stunning work never ceases to inspire and amaze me. Collection of her work can be found at : and Facebook page : Thank you Mariko x




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my air
with your fragrance

a subtle peace

with divine light
barriers collapse
bridges form

as my soul
at your lotus feet


faded wave

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resplendent mist

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your bubblesome presence
at the threshold
of my soul
scatters fragrance
in the valley
of my dreams
the things
you say
in untamed moments
the subtle clues
you drop
from your inmost thoughts
I lovingly pick up
and press against my bosom
while an innocent tear
slowly trickles
down my cheek
in happiness
that I have longed for
in knowing
that you are here
and I am with you now


ambrosial nectar

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blessed are the moments when I am closer to you,
one with your song, neither you nor I remain

imbued in your fragrance, I leap forward to lose myself
to quench this unknown yet familiar thirst,
oh may it consume every little bit of me.

divine is that moment when your eternal peace sinks in
giving me sparkle wings and pouring down my soul,
it liberates me from this body
in no time I soar to heights beyond any wildest imagination

you ask why I await these moments with such eagerness
my dearest, who doesn’t want to feel alive
when they have been face to face with death at such a tender age
who doesn’t want to get a taste of what it feels like
to burn in the memory of their Beloved?
and isn’t the grass greener where it rains

love-crazed is my state, when this soul cries out to you
drenched in sweet-surrender,
and tending to an inner bud aspiring for a full bloom,
it desires nothing .. but the light of your sheer Presence