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I see you
though you are not here
in the warm eye of the sun
in the golden sparkle of galaxies

I feel you
though you are not with me
like the taste
of an ancient love
on my lips

I have known you
like the ocean
knows the water
and desert knows the sand

my love, its more
than a vague remembrance
a raw craving
a humble yearning

I am there
even when I am not
you are here
even when you are not

don’t you feel
a thousand sighs of me
breathing through you?



aurora borealis

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look up
the magical show starts again
this arctic winter, to brighten my nights
a blazing flare somewhere
dazzling, colorful lights here
painting beautifully
a vivid december sky

I run across the snow desert
stand in an open space
surrendered to the alchemy
of beauty and brilliance
seducing the night

from the spectrum of my thoughts
to the lining of feelings
against the backdrop of amorous stars
reflecting off that glowing canvas, I see
every burning desire, dream and longing


inspired from the fascinating show of northern lights I saw with my lil brother this morning =)