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In a sacred moment
I tasted your presence
to the depths
of my soul
and all I ever knew
melted away

time stopped
and that moment lasted
for eternity

in your touch
you showed
what it means
to feel,
in your embrace
what it means
to belong

enwrapped in you
snow flakes
started to burn softly
and I forgot
where I ended
and you began

lost in the day
a thought of you
brushed by
like a gentle breeze
and butterflies
started fluttering
under my skin
in anticipation.


art by Rimel Neffati http://www.rimelneffati.com/fr/accueil.html




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we chase
in holy mischief
on a gentle breeze
giggles and laughter
amid songs of bees
like children
lost in time


teardrop butterfly

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I may not be able to see
beyond that misty horizon
or how so many worlds passed me by
without leaving an impression

I am not sure how it’s all coming together
to help this subtle knowing
this profound yearning

all I know is that
right here,
in this moment
I’m happy

music by Praful

cherry blossoms

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two butterflies
translating wordless wonder
through vibrant wings of youth

seduced by fragrant company
swamped by ripples of laughter
they suckle on freedom’s joyous nectar

~ dedicated to the other butterfly – my best friend Elsa