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don’t be afraid to show
what you know
what you hold inside

whats kept hidden
suffocates, slowly dies
or worse what you make visible
will be perceived as a lie

only the truth that is burning well
will help you survive
a deeper knowing, a fearless thought
a feeling that consumes alive

say what is on your mind
while you’re still full of life
let go, love, express, ignite
it is definitely worth a try

my love, don’t be shy
no breath comes out of a dead self
not even a sigh!



quiet letter

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unfettered tides
undress the soul
a sweet surrender

me in you
you in me
slow falling
a wordless wonder

your lips against mine
intoxicating aphrodisiac
shivers down my spine

life in letters
breaths in poetry
me and you
frozen in time


music by the Danish band Bliss

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I see you
though you are not here
in the warm eye of the sun
in the golden sparkle of galaxies

I feel you
though you are not with me
like the taste
of an ancient love
on my lips

I have known you
like the ocean
knows the water
and desert knows the sand

my love, its more
than a vague remembrance
a raw craving
a humble yearning

I am there
even when I am not
you are here
even when you are not

don’t you feel
a thousand sighs of me
breathing through you?


subtle stirring

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your whispers
gently explode
beneath my skin

your charm
softly clings
hunting me down

move your lips
flutter in my eyes

between my breath
and your touch


a paradise
being born