golden authenticity

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colours expand into monotonous dark space
reflection in a mirror
kaleidoscopic fireworks

silver serendipity

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the moon chases the clouds playing peek-a-boo
truth dissolves in pain
a new trail emerges from nowhere

flashes of eternity

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on tuning into the mystical dimension with eyes closed, I always see her .. a lifelike image of her in a white dress .. nature’s wild child, freedom personified.  beneath the amber skies her arms wide open, body whirling in a graceful rhythm so innate that it is only natural you’d find her like that. surrounding her is the vastness of heavens, all bearing witness to what they call the dance of a soul that has just sprouted magical wings

sometimes I can feel her run along the ocean’s shoreline, barefeet .. wearing the same white dress and curls of her hair dancing with the wind on the periphery of my vision. at other times, she runs in front of me and I see her like a movie slowed down so I don’t miss out on even the tiniest of details .. the way her flowy dress flutters in the wind, the way waves crash at her feet and how the cool breeze brushes against her soft skin, blowing peace all over her .. around her. and she is ecstatic, oh very happy indeed .. as if that is where she always wanted to be, as if that is how she always wanted to be .. free. she turns her blissful face around sometimes, to glance back, to see if I’m still following her like a cherished dream. she often bursts into giggles and winks once in a while, confident about her ventures, nodding her head a little as if whispering “..this is just the beginning” willingly leading me onto the path paved by happiness into eternity

in that very moment, the time slows down .. probably because I have caused it to slow down for the peace it brings to my soul .. for the timelessness that I experience in that space and the warmth that melts me into that moment. I continue to follow her, hear her holy laughter and experience freedom I have rarely seen amongst those trapped in bodies. I want it to last this time .. just like countless other times over the years and a part of me always manages to escape to her amidst chaos and disorder that might have knocked my door in the external world

is she me? am I her? I find myself lost in that paradoxical question .. lost .. yet found

ambrosial nectar

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blessed are the moments when I am closer to you,
one with your song, neither you nor I remain

imbued in your fragrance, I leap forward to lose myself
to quench this unknown yet familiar thirst,
oh may it consume every little bit of me.

divine is that moment when your eternal peace sinks in
giving me sparkle wings and pouring down my soul,
it liberates me from this body
in no time I soar to heights beyond any wildest imagination

you ask why I await these moments with such eagerness
my dearest, who doesn’t want to feel alive
when they have been face to face with death at such a tender age
who doesn’t want to get a taste of what it feels like
to burn in the memory of their Beloved?
and isn’t the grass greener where it rains

love-crazed is my state, when this soul cries out to you
drenched in sweet-surrender,
and tending to an inner bud aspiring for a full bloom,
it desires nothing .. but the light of your sheer Presence

intimate longing

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far beyond the illusion
of what they appear to be

two transparent souls, unending flow
weaving intricately, losing willingly
singing silently, caressing wildly

just a petty thought it is
.. or can it really be?

healing light

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the wind blows, sweeping with it memories,
stirring all thats been buried within
the thread slowly pulls loose
and the pile of dead leaves starts to break away

I give in, standing in silence
letting go of the fragile thoughts,
releasing the shadowed dreams
letting the feeling pass

there is yet another sky, another shore,
another reason to keep a beating heart
distant from warm comfort of tears,
away from the agony of an infatuated lover

sometimes we need to be protected from what we want
for a deeper need to be fulfilled

bare soul

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what can any of them possibly give me
when they all originated from you
tiny specks of your magnificence

what can I ask from those
who wander looking for answers themselves
amazed and puzzled by the mystery of it all

they might not hear me, and I might suffer
they might deny me what I ask, and I might grieve

what can I possibly say from my tiny mouth
to get your attention?
what can I possibly do with this withering body
to have your love by my side?

in your ethereal beauty and grace, lies the wisdom of the saints
in your silence, lies thousands of answers
when your one glance can change my world around
why would I desire anything from anyone else?

tonight, I offer my tender soul to you
let it lament endlessly and parch away
or make it resonate with your eternal frequency
in the realm of your sacred essence