tranquil oasis

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a certain voice speaks,
guiding action through instinct
a calming peace resides,
amidst utter chaos and bewilderment

what is it, that I know of
and still don’t know enough of
the visible motion arising from the invisible
these words surfacing from silence
spiraling up, branching in directions unseen

lost in the majestic mystery,
I tumble and somersault
while a hidden force,
keeps turning, incessantly

oblivious to the naked eye,
something changes
an answer, a hidden joy
a new way emerges
each time, unfailingly



untainted fancy

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exhausted tears,
enflamed lips
forbidden solace
in sweetheart’s fingertips

droplets of honey
sweetness, that is craved
music of the heart’s truth
played, in a thousand different ways

rich in happiness
poor in gold
a tickling lullaby surrounds,
lo and behold

hush! a secret is being whispered
in these fleeting instants
immortal soul, condemned for love
love bestowed, a story told

painting by Ewelina Ladzinska


prudent adventure

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the truth is I don’t really know anything
each moment comes flowing by,
a treasure chest opens and I am in for a treat

in the vastness of a desert,
its hard to tell apart one grain from the other
the one that steers you towards your destiny
from the one that just lies there
.. a tiny part of the whole

not all roads lead to a destination
not all answers are found by seeking

even then, with a consuming desire
worn out efforts and empty hands
I go around looking in the crevices and corners
gliding on the surfaces, swimming in the depths
with remembrance and yearning as my sole companions

for a gem covered in dust,
light in the darkness,
arrival in each moment

sweet inconceivability

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what use are empty talks of possessions
or of things, feelings or people who change like shadows under the sun
can one place a hold on something or someone?
when one doesn’t know what one really owns anyway

the spring doesn’t last forever,
summer comes and goes in fleeting moments
the dry leaves whirlwind spinning inside,
leaving one tremble in the cold storm

they say the cure lies in the pain itself
who can comfort and perhaps understand
when the source of pain is indifferent?

why is death a taboo?
or loss of a beloved a never ending torment?
why does the realization surface when its too late?
or the courage and acceptance that can make it all right?

it is easy to bruise when you are vulnerable
but harder to define what bruises your soul
the words, the silence or the dilemma itself
the walls, the helplessness or the love itself


suave stillness

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in the solitude of the night,
as I lay amidst nebulous dreams,
something unknown and deepfelt
cut through the core, speaking of its presence

faces and forms dissolved
as the smoke of naked verse began to rise;
the stain of ruby drops deepened,
perpetuating the melody of longing

with trembling lips,
my lamenting soul began to utter  –
a few silent words laced with palpable sighs
of fragility, innocence and belonging

the clouds began to overshadow the midnight blue sky
and the hue of the sweet Beloved slowly descended
the incandescent lightning cracked open the dark sky
some unspoken fears, took flight into the state of oblivion

in the solitude of that night
after all was said and heard,
I lay drenched
in the rain of tranquility

rubescent nostalgia

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which dark waters am I treading,
with this hallowed crimson heart?
following the whispers in the scattered wind,
uttering prayer from my quivering lips

how will I speak of this enchanting tale,
whose splendour lies hidden in its roots?
of love unspoken, songs unheard and melody untouched

planting these silent kisses,
you play with my mind;
with your endearing invisible touch,
you comfort my most aching parts

your burning memory ignites a flame within,
and flowers begin to grow
from this forever bleeding wound

cherry blossoms

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two butterflies
translating wordless wonder
through vibrant wings of youth

seduced by fragrant company
swamped by ripples of laughter
they suckle on freedom’s joyous nectar

~ dedicated to the other butterfly – my best friend Elsa