Day: January 9, 2015

Untold Stories

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Now and then I wash upon

The shores of untold stories,

Begging to be told.

And as I crashed

Upon this sandy shore

Of a broken pair of lovers

I tried my best to cling onto

And grab as many grains as I could.

Before the waves pulled me back again

And the story faded away.

– Zeeshan Amit, The Olive Grove :

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Himani – #8

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One of my favourite poets and a dear friend – Zeeshan – generously gave my name a new meaning in his post on his blog – ah he never ceases to amaze with his soulful poetic talent!
To access more of his beautiful poetry (I promise you’ll be glad you did) do check out – and

Thank you Zeeshan ❤

One Name A Day


Himani –  Living out life in serenity, where words of the gentlest nature surround and complete you like pieces of a puzzle. A connect the dots of things beautiful and kind. The finding of peace amidst war like hearing Mozart through the noise. A beam of morning light that lands across your eyes and the sweet relief of knowing another is day is to be lived.

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