Month: September 2013

sleek nakedness

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zen pause

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fragmented lament

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warm forehead
smeared ashes
on the edge of insanity

slow destruction
utter chaos
in beautiful symphony

from wounds
your words, your face
and unspeakable agony

between these lines
no nothing
but your legacy
forever inscribed
in red ink


art by Michał Mozolewski


spiritual birth

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it is in moments
that one lives
lifetime is an illusion


photography by Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Snow


ephemeral cosmos

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beluga feelings
conscious frequencies
and amorous galaxies crash
into infinite ocean
of my dreams

where colours take flight
and every breath
becomes an opportunity
to transcend kaleidoscopic time

watch how
my universe expands
when weightless in wordlessness
I float, like a reflection
through my cosmic mind


thanks to Kushtrim for the inspiration, his poetry blog well worth checking out –


intoxicating splendor

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where do I exist, dear Beloved?
one minute I am here
another, with you
what place do I call mine
this or that?

what is this space
separating yet binding us
where I stay
enchanted and scattered
like a million stars
reaching out to the Sun


homeward bound

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the pain of longing
ferments me slowly
but what use
is this sweetness
when all I have desired
is you
take me with the flow
dissolve me in you
till no more of me remains
only you, only you!